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The MJ International Group has developed comprehensive Jatropha Curcas upstream-downstream projects as it foresees that biodiesel made from non-food crops will be inevitable source of energy for the future. Current headways in the company’s research and cultivation has produced plants that yield three times more than the conventional yield and high oil content, providing huge long term environmental benefits and profits for the investors. MJ International Group founder Mervin Joshua, says they are positive that these projects are set to meet the ever growing global awareness and are aligned with the Kyoto Protocol and Clean Technology aimed at combating climate change factors.

We are proud to introduce our MJIF1™ breed of Jatropha Seeds which are harvested from the finest farms developed by MJI™, handpicked and carefully selected, professionally packed and shipped using renowned logistic companies around the world. The MJIF1 brand of Jatropha Seeds is an exclusive breed that is not for sale; it is specially used to produce hybrid Jatropha Saplings from the nurseries which are developed by MJ International Group™.

Ideally, Jatropha starts bearing seeds after 1 or 2 years of planting but we at MJI™ have conducted extensive research and development, and produced plants which start fruiting within 6 - 9 months of planting. In order to achieve the above yield, the farms have to be developed and maintained by MJI™. These seeds are brought to the nursery and with expert knowledge and skills the saplings are germinated and nursed before they are ready to be grounded in the farms.

MJI™ Jatropha Programme

International Jatropha Development Programme
Currently MJI™ enters into joint venture with oil companies, private investors and land owners to establish Jatropha farms, providing total solutions and adequate return on investment. Our Consulting service offers clients the ability to work with teams headed by international experts in the field of Jatropha cultivation and to ensure the smoothest progression from evaluation and feasibility planning through land and seed selection. We also advise and train client teams on best practices in cultivation and post and pre harvest management.

Poverty Eradication Programme
MJI™ will execute buy-back contract with Farmers/Land Owners who wish to engage in Jatropha Plantation. We will be directly involved by helping them in planting our seedlings in the farm, training them with our unique planting technique and applying our Nutrients and Microbes. We will also oversee the management of the farm and guarantee the purchase of all dry seeds produced from the farm.

MJI Success

  1. MJI is known for its quality seeds worldwide. With the recent development of the MJIF1 Hybrid Jatropha Seeds, MJI tops the list with successful Jatropha Plantations with High Yield and better plant life.
  2. MJI has developed and is also currently developing MJIF1 Hybrid Jatropha Nurseries in Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Sabah (Borneo), Mauritius, Madagascar, and Nigeria.
  3. MJI Joint ventures with Ceylon Bio Fuels to develop 5,000 Hectares of Jatropha Plantations in Sri Lanka.
  4. MJI Joint Ventures with Amalina Plantations Sdn Bhd to develop Jatropha Plantations on a scale of 10,000 Hectares in Raub.
  5. MJI Joint Ventures with ASEAN International Group for a supply contract of 50 million MJIF1 Hybrid Jatropha saplings to their plantations in Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia.
  6. MJI along with CMJI Tech, Joint Ventures with VSL Resources Sdn Bhd in Malaysia for the development of wastelands to Jatropha Plantations on a scale of 10,000 hectares in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
  7. CMJI Tech & MJ Group ventures with Wawasan Asiana Sdn Bhd to develop Jatropha Plantations on unused forest lands in the state of Sabah, Malaysia on a scale of 25,000 hectares starting from 2010.
  8. MJI Joint Ventures with MAITOKA Integrated Farms (Nigeria) Ltd to develop Jatropha Plantations on a scale of 150,000 hectares. In Nigeria we are the only Jatropha cultivation experts to use our MJIF1 Jatropha Hybrids. We are developing Jatropha on a country wide project with the aim of making Nigeria the largest planter of Jatropha in the African continent. We are also in the process of erecting an oil milling facility in the country.
  9. MJI ventures into BIO MASS production with Kemamayan Biomass Sdn Bhd using Jatropha Oil Cake. Currently Kemamayan are producing bio mass with empty fruit bunches of palm oil.
  10. MJI starts research on enhancing the MJIF1 technology by mid 2010, to match the increasing renewable energy demands.

Our Business
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